Make Your Own Rainstick

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 1.50.02 PMCheck out this neat activity to make your own rainstick at home! Take your child on a stick collecting adventure, and then pull together some rice and a clear plastic bottle. We didn’t have a big water bottle like in the original post, but I found an old salt container that fit the bill. We tried a cardboard tube first, but the cardboard muffled the sound, so I definitely recommend plastic or glass if you feel confident that your child won’t drop it! We added sticks & twigs that we had collected outside and poured about ½ cup of rice into the hole. Then we duct taped the top and experimented with tilting and shaking to mimic the pitter-patter of rain drops. You may find you need to adjust the stick/ rice ratio for the best sound. Have fun with this easy rainy day project!


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