Making nature soup – fun sensory play for all ages

All you need for this all natural sensory play is some items from nature, a few kitchen tools, and water. It doesn’t get much more hands-on than nature soup! It’s a fantastic way to explore nature and is easily tailored to appeal to all ages of children.

The first step is collecting natural items. Bring a bucket or mixing bowl with you outdoors and invite your child to add whichever treasures on the ground that are appealing – fallen leaves, flower buds, weeds, twigs, berries, etc. Then add water and…voila…nature soup!

Sit back and be amazed by the imaginative and creative play your child enjoys as they “bake” goodies, mix up magic potions, and create concoctions with super powers! Consider offering props: kitchen tools like muffin tins, ladles, and plates/bowls for serving up their goodness, for example. Ask your child to share the story of their creation.

Pro tip: keep a towel near by and remember: kids are 100% washable and the muddier and wetter they get while playing, the more they are learning…Enjoy!

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