Celebrating May Day with spring flower wreaths

May Day spring flower wreaths are a delightful tradition and quite easy to make. Children of all ages can make these for their friends and neighbors, spreading joy and love and an excitement for spring wherever they’re shared.

You’ll need:

  • Natural items like flower blossoms, leaves, weeds and herbs
  • A paper plate (or cardboard cut into a circle shape)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A ribbon/string for hanging

Enjoy collecting a variety of natural items to use on the wreaths. Children may need some assistance cutting out the center from the paper plate but adding glue and the natural items can be done independently for most kiddos. It’s amazing to see how beautiful these wreaths look once the glue dries. A highlight of the project is being sneaky and hanging the wreaths anonymously on the front doors of neighbors and friends. Just imagine the smiles and happiness they will bring!

Have a wonderful May Day – and let us know if you leave a May Day spring wreath for a buddy!

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