Hot and cold

Play an old favorite game with natural items! The player that is the “hider” chooses a natural item. The “seekers” use their senses to really explore the item before the hider hides it. Discuss its details together: is it large, medium or small? Is it heavy or light? Smooth or rough? It’s important to practice keen observation skills as there may be other natural items that look very similar! Consider marking the item with a sharpie or a string if you think that would be helpful.

Once ready, the seekers close their eyes while the hider hides the object. Once the hider shouts “ready!”, the seekers move together as the hider tells them with each step if they’re getting “warmer” (closer to the hiding spot) or “colder (further from the hiding spot). When the seekers get warm, warmer, hot, hotter, BURNING HOT (!!) they know they are close to the jackpot and need to use their eagle eyes to find the natural item. We hope you have a blast playing “Hot and Cold” with natural items!