Detective Post #9

News from the Outdoors:

This week, the Nature Detectives began to meet the Planet Pals! They met Earthman, Green Bean, Sunny Ray and Breezy. We talked about different ways to keep the Earth clean by recycling, walking or biking instead of driving, how plants, animals and people all need water to live and grow and how the sun keeps us warm and lights the Earth.

AM 6  PM 1

Despite some wet weather, the Nature Detectives made it outside for lots of great exploring this week. Hikes were made to the Lookout, and the Gardens in search for signs of our new Planet Pal friends. The Nature Detectives used spoons to dig in the earth to feel the dirt and find insects and bugs. We also played a windy weather game in honor of our new Planet Pal, Breezy!


The PM Nature Detectives enjoyed observing a Recycling Truck which had gone off the road next to the front meadow.

PM 4

The AM Nature Detecives were treated to a tradition share when Eero’s Uncle came in and played guitar and sang songs with the children.


News from the Classroom:

Inside the classroom, the Nature Detectives were busy with many Planet Pal themed activities. They sorted recycling and used the mystery box to sort items from nature/not from nature. They also made a rocket from a string, balloon, and a straw. 

AM 4 PM 5

We created Sunny Ray suns by using plastic to smoosh red, yellow, and orange paint around on a white piece of paper. We then glued the sun to a bright blue sky and added the rays! We also created our own Earthman art with coffee filters, water color paint, and eye droppers and Breezy mobiles. The Nature Detectives had a lot of fun creating oxygen art by blowing air through a straw and making bubbly art!

AM 1 PM 6

The children enjoyed building with the Zoobs, exploring the feather and puff balls sensory table, and the magna-tiles on the light table.


Books we Read:

And the Good Brown Earth by Kathy Henderson

We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers by Lauren Child

Sunshine by Joseph Sherman

Like a Windy Day by Frank and Devin Asch

AM 5

Weekly Top Hits:

Planet Pal Song:

We are the Planet Pals

The mighty, mighty Planet Pals

Everywhere we go

People wanna know

Who we are

So we tell them

We are the Planet Pals

The mighty, mighty Planet Pals

Goooo Planet Pals!

Recycle Song: (tune: Wheels on the bus)

When we Recycle, we use it again

When we Recycle, we’re the world’s friend

We’re saving power, water and trees

Recycle it please!

This Old Earth: (tune: This Old Man)

This old Earth, needs our help

To stay fresh and clean and green

with a pick it up, pitch it in, throw it in the can

This old Earth needs a helping hand

Mr. Sunny Ray (Tune: Mr. Golden Sun)

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Sunny Ray

Please Shine down on me 

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun Mr. Sunny Ray

Hiding behind a tree

These little children are asking you

to please come out so we can play with you

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Sunny Ray

Please shine down on, wontcha shine down on, please shine down on me!

Spoiler Alert:

Next week we’ll meet some more Planet Pals!

Upcoming Events:

Nov. 17th: Kid Tales and Cocktails (7:30-9pm)

Nov. 25th and 26th: CLOSED for Thanksgiving

Dec. 1st: Barnes and Noble Book fair to benefit Audubon Nature Preschool

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