Detective Post #10

News from the Outdoors

This week the Nature Detectives continued finding clues about our newest Planet Pals: H2O, Fluffy, Moonbeam and Starbright! We explored with H2O at the pond, as well as when H2O visited us in it’s rain form throughout the week!


Examining H2O


Both classes enjoyed our first trip to the “Ultimate Climber,” where we climbed over huge fallen trees and experimented with balance! So much bravery was shown.


We enjoyed our weekly hike with Alex and went on a Planet Pal scavenger hunt. We spied Greenbean in the forest, H2O in the pond, Fluffy in the clouds and even Breezy in the trees!


Looking for Fluffy

News from the Classroom

Inside, the Nature Detectives enjoyed learning new songs to accompany the Planet Pals we met. We had a concert on Thursday where we introduced the rhythm sticks at meeting, and sang all the Planet Pal songs!


Rhythm stick concert

To celebrate the Fluffy and H2O friendship, the detectives made their own rain clouds out of shaving cream!


We painted crater-filled moons and made shooting stars by shaking a box with marbles and glitter star dust inside.


Starbright shooting stars

We introduced a Planet Pal matching game on the rug as well as Planet Pal bingo!


Matching Planet Pals

On Thursday each class published their very own Planet Pal book! Each Detective got the chance to illustrate their favorite Planet Pal or create their own! We added all the pictures together to make a Planet Pal book for the classroom.


Books we Read:

Rain Play by Cynthia Cotten

Zoo in the Sky by Jacqueline Mitton

It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw

The Moon Seems to Change by Frankyln M. Branley


Noticing Breezy with the milkweed

Weekly Top Hits

I See the Moon

I see the moon and the moon sees me,

Under the shade of the old oak tree,

Please let the light that shines on me,

Shine on the ones I love!

Over the mountains, over the sea,

Back where my heart is longing to be,

Please let the light that shines on me,

Shine on the ones I love!


It’s Raining (Tune: It’s raining, it’s pouring)

It’s raining, its pouring,

the oceans are storing,

water from the falling rain,

while thunder clouds are storing!

The rain now is stopping,

the rains no longer dropping,

the sun comes our and soaks up water,

like a mop that’s mopping!

The waters still up there,

now it’s hiding in the air,

in the clouds it makes a home,

’til Fluffy decides to share!


4 Little Stars (finger play)

Four little stars, winking at me, one shot off, then there were three!

Three little stars, with nothing to do, one shot off, then there were two!

Two little stars, having fun, one shot off, then there was one!

One little star, alone is no fun, it shot off, then there were none!


Upcoming events

November 21st- Itsy Bitsy Audubon 10AM- 12PM

November 25-27th- Closed for Thanksgiving

December 1st- ANS Preschool Book Fair at Bethesda Barnes & Noble

  • Story times at 10 Am, 4Pm and 6:30 PM
  • Shop online December 1st-6th with 11749306 online code


Spolier Alert!

Next week the Nature Detectives will be finishing up our Planet Pal exploration!



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