Ice Play

Maya Ice

Here are some fun ideas about how to play with ice as we head into warmer weather!

-Use candy molds, muffin tins, baby food holders, or recycled food trays to freeze ice into different shapes

-Add food coloring (we learned it’s better to color the water instead of dropping colors directly into cups- this made the ice super dark)

-Add popsicle sticks to make handles for ice cubes

-Add different types of juices or make popsicles!

-Freeze ice in one solid block in a casserole dish with toys suspended in it. Might work best to freeze in several layers

-Add herbs or dried spices- edible flowers would be fun!

-Add frozen berries, peas, corn, or other fixin’s!

-Freeze different colors or juices in layers

-Compare how different liquids freeze (OJ with pulp vs. apple juice, for example)

-Pour water over ice to melt it. Experiment with hot and cold water. Have your child practice pouring with different pitchers/ cups.

-Sprinkle salt on the ice to melt it (may not be great if your kid loves to taste like mine does!)

-Use forks, spoons, and table knives to dig things out that are frozen in the ice

-Watch how colored ice cubes melt and mix to make new colors

-Use the ice cubes to build a world for plastic animals. Try wetting ice blocks and pressing them together to see if you can get them to stick

-Use tongs, eyedroppers, and/or turkey basters to pick up ice cubes, suck up melted ice and squirt it.

-Use a colander or toy net to scoop up ice cubes and plastic toys in the ice

-Play catch with ice and see if you can catch it even though it’s slippery!


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