Earth promise rocks

Earth promise rocks to celebrate Rachel Carson’s birthday – May 27

Rachel Carson was the scientist who started the modern environmental movement. Her incredible research and work on how DDT and other pesticides harmed the environment paved the way for the protection of all living things. She wrote Silent Spring and The Sea Around Us and has a rich history with ANS – spoiler: she was a board member – and ANS will be telling her story later this month.

One of the birthday celebration activities we think your families will really enjoy is creating Carson-inspired Earth Promise rocks (similar to the kindness rocks project) and placing them around Audubon or anywhere in nature.
We hope you’ll enjoy painting and decorating rocks and stones with inspiring messages and leaving them in nature to inspire others. We have found that it’s really fun for kids to wash, dry and paint the rocks. Once the paint dries, sharpies work well to add words and details. 
This activity is fun for all ages so we encourage you to tap into your inner child and enjoy this art project together! 
Your children may enjoy hearing the story Rachel, The Story of Rachel Carson read by Shannon, one of our Oaks teachers. Parents may enjoy a message from Lisa, ANS executive director, about the Rachel’s virtual birthday party ANS is kicking off on Memorial Day weekend which will feature all women environmentalists and innovators. We hope you’ll join us!

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