The Detective Post #12

News from the Outdoors

This week the Nature Detectives began our unit on camping! We discussed how we have become experts at being outdoors during the day, and what types of things we could do to stay outside once the moon comes out as well! On Monday, both classes brainstormed ideas of what we could do while camping, and worked together outside to build tents/structures out of sticks.


Branching out


Treem work!



It was Tent to be


On Tuesday, we read the story, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, which chronicles a families journey through different habitats, before deciding to return to their home to go bed. Undeterred by the rain, the Detectives took to the trails, finding five bears hidden around Woodend in the different habitats that inhabit our 40 acres.


We could Bearly see with the all the rain!


Without a Bear in the world


On Wednesday we enjoyed another hike with our visiting Naturalist, Ms. Barabra! She talked with us about trees that loose leaves in the winter, versus ones that keep their greenery. At the amphitheater, both classes hunted for evergreen trees and the pine cones they have dropped! Barbara also helped us measure different trees by tying string around them, and cutting the string to compare lengths.


Tree Measuring with Ms. Barbara



Thursday was the culmination of our camping unit- with our pajama campfire party! Since we can’t be at school at night, we decided to pretend by wearing our PJ’s and a fire to roast marshmallows! We practiced fire safety, as well as noticed what ingredients we needed to make the fire. It was fun watching Breezy help the flames dance! We were also joined by two high school students from BCC, who were checking out Audubon for their annual career day! In the PM class, Ms. Susan brought in camping gear to share with the Detectives. They helped pitch a tent and were fascinated by the all purpose fork/knife/spoon utensil she shared!


Toast of the Town


Camping is in-tents!


News From the Indoors

The Detective continued our camping unit indoors this week, building different structures for camping indoors as well! In the dramatic play area, we had the class tent up, where children went on their own camping trips without leaving the school. In the block area this week, we had the toy house out, with which people and animals alike to go on adventures. On the campfire carpet, which felt very appropriate for this week, we built cabins for camping out of Lincoln logs. We also enjoyed a slow-motion Monday Mindfulness lesson this week! The Detective learned how to be mindful with their bodies and move as slow as sloths.


On Tuesday, both classes used instruments to recreate the noises from the I’m Going On a Bear Hunt story! Each child was responsible for making a noise associated with a certain habitat, and when they all came together it was quite the performance!


Bear Hunt Orchestra


We also started thinking about our Winter Celebration next week, by decorating the pine cones we collected with Ms. Barbara as the decoration for the party!  We also added shaving cream at the raccoon table, hoping for snow as we begin to talk about the changing seasons. The kids pretended moon sand was snow in the lab table, creating snowballs as well as snowy scenes with the squirrel blocks.


Winter celebration decoration preparations


Snow way Jose!



Books we Read

Bailey Goes Camping by Kevin Henkes

We’re going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury

We were Tired of Living in a House by Liesel Moak Skorpen


Reading with Ann-Mari


Weekly Top Hits

Winters Coming

(Tune: Frere Jaques)

Winters coming, winters coming,

It is cold,

It is dark,

I am bundled snug and warm,

Animals sleep safe and warm,

Sleds and snow,

Cold winds blow!

Wash Your Hands

(Tune: Row, Row, Row your Boat)

Wash, wash, wash your hands,

Wash them nice and clean,

Wash the top and underneath,

and even in between!

Spoiler Alert: Next week we are learning about winter to prep for the Winter Celebration!

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