Plant Collecting Board


Do you have a child who is noticing the abundance of violets, dandelions, and new leaves in your neighborhood? Check out this neat way to collect some plants and flowers from the website below. I created the board just as described except I added a handle at the top so my almost-3-year-old could carry it (of course after about 5 minutes I ended up with it anyway!!), but even with that it took about 1 minute to set up. Just grab a piece of cardboard, write/ draw 3-4 categories of plant parts along the front, and attach rubber bands near the words. You could make the categories anything you want– I found the twigs to be the toughest one because my daughter wanted to pick up bigger sticks, so it might be worth changing the bottom row to grass. If you feel leery about picking live plants, you could always collect seed pods, fallen flower petals, and other loose plant parts. Just watch out for those leaves of 3… no one wants to collect poison ivy!