Nature Portraits

Making art from natural objects is so much fun! For this activity, collect any natural items that are appealing to you and your child like twigs, acorns, walnuts, invasive species, garden flowers, etc. and arrange them into portraits on a canvas. A paper plate or cardboard work well as a canvas (both outdoors and indoors) as do flat stumps in nature as well. This activity is a great conversation starter about different emotions and feelings. It’s so beneficial for our children to hear (over and over, so many times) that all feelings are okay and all feelings pass. We ALL have big feelings every day – especially right now during this time of uncertainty. Ask your child questions about the faces they create on their canvas and to remember a time they felt that emotion. Create different faces and play a “guess that feeling” game with your kiddo- it’s sure to have you both laughing in no time!