Week 14: Winter Solstice

DSCF5925With only four days until the start of winter and the longest night of the year, we focused on bringing light into our lives.

But first…our hike! We hurried down the path toward the hemlock grove. Some of us stopped to feel the super soft buds on a magnolia tree. As one Tagalong noted, they feel fluffy!

DSCF5916  Then we were off to walk the “train tracks” that loop around some young trees, skirt the bird blind, and make a beeline for the climbing stumps.DSCF5927 DSCF5919

DSCF5929Despite the rain we could’ve spend all day there, but we had a special craft we wanted to do and a solstice party to attend!

DSCF5917Up through the meadow we paused at the fox’s den and noticed an unmistakable musky scent in the air. Hmm, last week we found poop outside the den and this week there was the scent. Perhaps the fox has moved back to his winter quarters! We’ll check and see what we can find out!

DSCF5939Colored lights, yummy snacks, instruments, stuffed animals, star-shaped blocks, tree pieces, scarves, music, and a craft greeted us at the mansion. Party time!

DSCF5934First we decorated cardboard tubes with tissue paper, construction paper, tape and markers. Then we fitted a battery-powered votive light in the top to make our own candle to ward off the winter darkness. The force was strong in some of us who quickly discovered the light saber properties of our new toys!

DSCF5936We grooved to the tunes, played along on the instruments, built tall towers with the blocks, and tucked all the stuffed animals into a soft bed and covered them with scarves.

With lots of yummy treats in our bellies and our candles in our hands we sang goodbye.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year! See you in 2016!