Name stick art

We always have such a great time making art with sticks. Today we’re encouraging you to try making your names with sticks! Most of the time when we make stick art, we return the sticks to nature when we are finished; however, today we added glue and paint to our name stick art to make forever art. These extra steps are totally optional and many children are happy to create temporary art. It’s all about the process, not the product, after all.

For stick name art, all you need are sticks of varying lengths and widths. Finding sticks that have natural curves is helpful too.

If your child wants to glue and paint their name stick art, you’ll also need:

  • Hot glue OR twine
  • Paint and paintbrush/Q-tips
  • Cardboard

Use hot glue or twine to attach the sticks into letter shapes. Then you can paint the letters and attach to a piece of twine to hang or glue to a canvas (we used cardboard).

We hope you have a blast creating name stick art!