The Detective Post #21

News from the Outdoors

The Nature Detectives returned from Spring break with gusto, examining Woodend to see what had changed since we had been gone! We noticed buds on the trees, birds singing, as well as frogs and ducks in the pond.

The Detectives were excited to prep for Earth Day at Audubon, thinking about all the ways we know how to take care of the planet! On the sanctuary, the Detectives dove deeper into natures recyclers on a Naturalist hike with Hummingbird. We visited the compost station, and went on a hunt for decomposers in the forest. The Detectives have become expert slug, worm, and millipede wranglers!




Hands on Learning


We also thought more about the word conservation, and how we are mindful experts of the world around us. We expanded those thoughts onto the idea of invasive species, and took to the trails to hunt for a local invasive- garlic mustard! The kids filled an entire trash bag (no small feat) of the plant, and were quite proud of themselves!


Conservation Connections


We ended that week with our very own Earth Day celebration, in the form of a Planet Pal parade! Each kid got create their own Planet Pal cape and recycled instrument, with which we marched and sang at the Mansion!


AM Planet Pal Parade


PM Planet Pal Parade


The Preschool also partners with the Audubon Birdathon this time of year! Both classes embark on a birding unit, where the children learn to identify different birds by their colors and calls! We began the unit by discussing things we already know about birds, constructing a giant birds nest in the Amphitheater!


Nest in Show


On our Naturalist Hike with Hummingbird, she introduced us to different types of bird beaks- and how they can be used to identify what different birds eat! The Detectives hiked around Woodend, looking for different types of bird foods, and discerning which type of bird beak might enjoy said food as a tasty snack.

Both classes also enjoyed a birds of prey lesson, thinking about which hooked beak and talon sporting birds we have here at Audubon. The AM class enjoyed bringing a stuffed, great horned owl down from the Mansion, while the PM classes played a giant game of Hawk-and-Seek, where the seekers transformed into hawks, while the hiders pretended to be mice!


Wingin’ it!


News from the Indoors

Inside the classroom, we had a variety of recycled art and bird themed projects! In preparation for Earth Day, the Detectives were greeted by two new Planet Pals during meeting. We met a super decomposer named Squirmy Wormy, as well as an expert in mindfulness- Peace Pal!


The Great Detective Caper


The students had lots of fun creating their capes for our Earth Day celebration. By adding fabric scrapes and paint, the kids transformed into their very own planet pals! To add to the excitement, the kiddos were also able to create shakers out of recycled cardboard tubes and seeds!

For our Mindful Monday lesson this go around, the Detectives learned a new mindful game to play! The kids had to practice their mindful bodies, while passing claps, silly noises, and even imaginary balls around the circle.


Pumpkin the Bunny visits the AM


Birds found their way into the classroom this past week, by building nests in the block area, finding worms in the lab table like robins, and practicing our identification skills with a bird matching game!

Continuing our beak investigations, we created hummingbird inspired art with water colors. The students were able to emulate how the hummingbird drinks its nectar by using eye droppers to paint their creations!

Both classes were very interested in the birds of prey lesson, creating paper airplanes and hawk/owl/eagle kites to take to the skies! It was so interesting to watch the children work, meticulously adding different colors to create Red shouldered hawks, great horned owls, and even golden eagles!


Prey it Forward


Books we Read

The Peace Book by Todd Parr

Duck and Goose by Tad Hills

Have you Seen Birds? by Joanne Oppenheim

ZooBooks about Birds of Prey


Weekly Top Hits

Reduce, Resuse Recycle (The More we Get together)

Reduce, reuse, recycle, recycle, 

Reduce, reuse, recycle, recycle, 

It’s easy to do!

Cus’ your trash and my trash

Make up way too much trash! 

Reduce, reuse, recycle, recycle, 

It’s easy to do!


This Old Earth (This old Man)

This old earth, needs our help,

to stay fresh and clean and green,

with a pick it, pitch it in, toss it in the can,

this old earth needs a helping hand!


I met a Bird

I met a Cardinal at the playground gate,

that cardinal was my playmate,

that cardinal said..Birdie Birdie Birdie (x3)

…Woodpecker…Peck Peck Peck…

…Dove…Coo Coo Coo…

…Robin…Cheerup Cheerily…


Spoiler Alert: The next two weeks we are finishing our bird studies and examining planting!


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