The Detective Post #9

News from the Outdoors

The Detectives were excited to be back at Audubon after a week away! Noticing fall in full swing, by crunching leaves on the ground and the changing of the temperature throughout the day. This week, the class embarked on our Planet Pal unit. The Planet Pals are characters that personify ideals of ecological conservation and help the children engage with the world around them! On our first day back, we introduced the idea of planet pals, and the children brainstormed ideas on how to take care of the earth. Both classes talked about picking up trash, so we went on a hike around Woodend to see if there was any to pick up! Along the way, the AM class discovered some tree work that was being done at the Mansion, while the PM class unearthed a small tunnel in the woods which they were interested in expanding upon.


The Smashing Pumpkins: Live at Woodend


Logged on to Nature


On Tuesday we met our first Planet Pal, Mother Earth! Being the ground under our feet, this idea quickly evolved into a new idea, jumping off of the PM classes’ earlier woods discovery; Tunnel Tuesday! The detectives took tools into the woods and worked hard to expand the Tunnel, with shovels, wheel barrows and more!


Tunnel workers on break


On Wednesday we enjoyed our Naturalist Hike with Ms. Lisa! She talked with the kids about recycling, and took them on a litter hunt around the meadow to help pick up trash. Once collected, we played a sorting game where the Detectives had to determine whether the litter we picked up was trash, or could be recycled.


Recycle sorting game with Ms.Lisa


Thursday the classes resumed work on the tunnel! Using tools and sticks to dig, as well as practicing balancing on the fallen tree above. We also practiced using a newly acquired, night vision, trap camera. Setting it up at the pond, the Detectives were able to check the camera on Thursday, counting how many pictures it had snapped! We are excited to investigate the results of the photos next week.


Tunnel Tuesday!


Testing the Tunnel



News From the Classroom

This week, the Detectives met a new Planet Pal each day at our morning meeting! Each Planet Pal leaves us mail in a special envelope. Some leave the children songs, as well as special challenges inside the classroom! This week we met Mother Earth, Greenbean and Sunny Ray.

On Tuesday, we made our own, Mother earth play dough! The detectives helped measure out the ingredients, then added blue and green coloring to create our own earths.


Enter a caption


In the dramatic play, we added Planet Pal capes and stuffed animals for the kids to embark on animal rescue missions! There was also a colored frog matching game in the discovery table, as well as colored beans and measuring tools in the sensory bin.


Planet Pals to the Rescue!


On Wednesday, Greenbean left us some special classroom activities! She made the kids a tricky sensory game in the mystery boxes inside the classroom. The Detectives had to use their sense to touch to determine whether the items were from nature, or not from nature. At the art table, the kids practiced our CO2/Oxygen share with plants by creating bubble art! We used straws to blow our CO2 into bubbly paint designs on paper.


Bubble Art


On Thursday we met Sunny Ray, our pal the sun! We used shaving cream and orange liquid water color to create our own sun inspirations at the art table.


Sunny Ray Shaves the Day!


The block challenge this week was to create patterns with the toy zoobs! The detectives made all sorts of creations, from flying ships to robots and wearable electronics!


Creating with Zoobs


Books we Read

And the Good Brown Earth by Emily Henderson

Why Should I Protect Nature? by Jen Green

Sunshine by Joesphia Sherman


Weekly Top Hits

We are the Planet Pals

We are the Planet Pals

The mighty, mighty Planet Pals,

Everywhere we go,

People want to know,

So we tell them,

We are the Planet Pals,

The mighty, mighty Planet Pals,

Gooooo Planet Pals!

This Old Earth

This old earth, needs our help,

To stay fresh and clean and green,

With a pick it up, pitch it in, throw it in the can,

This old earth needs a helping hand!

Mr. Sunny Ray

Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Sunny Ray,

Please shined down on me,

Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Sunny Ray,

Hiding behind a tree,

These little children are asking you,

To please come out so we can play with you,

Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Sunny Ray,

Please shine down on,

Won’t ya shine down on,

Please shine down on me!


Spoiler Alert: Next week we are meeting more Planet Pals 🙂


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