The Detective Post #28

News from the Outdoors

The Detectives splished and splashed this week around Woodend! With all the wet and rainy weather, we couldn’t stay away from the pond. Both classes kicked off our pond unit by spying a new set of mallards who have taken to hanging out in our pond-how exciting!


You Quack me up!

We also investigated the smaller pond on Audubon, in the sunken garden below the compost bins. We created bamboo “fishing” poles, as well as baked another cake for our friend Chester the Raccoon!



On Wednesday, the morning class found another toad, noticing the differences between the toad we found and what we know about frogs.


I toad you, I toad you twice, we gon’ light it up, like its dynamite! 

The afternoon class enjoyed our weekly visit from Ms. Susan, where she talked to us about the frog life-cycle and showed us tadpoles from the pond!


Tadpoles- How Ribbiting!

Both classes also experimented with water on the playground. We made our own rivers and experimented with water flow by digging our own water beds!


Either Oar


Cone Thugs-n-Harmony 

On Thursday, the AM class was able to catch a frog! We brought it back in a bucket which we transformed into the “frog habitat,” and kept on the stage to observe. The PM class was able to take the frog back to the creek later in the afternoon, and release it back into its natural habitat!


Frog Squad




News from the Classroom

The Detectives continued our pond discoveries inside the classroom this week! We had a multi-color pond open in the lab table, frog life cycle stamps in the play dough, as well as a frog hopping game in the discovery table!


At the art table, we completed our last journals for the year! Each child got to make predictions and drawings about three seeds planted in sand, soil from the playground and soil from the pond! We also used droppers to create watery art on white felt to help decorate for Audubon After Dark later this month.


The morning classes collected rocks and painted them as frogs on Wednesday, while the afternoon class went along with our “Habitat: Wetland edition” song, to create their own pond habitats with stamps.


On Thursday, we began prepping for our Summer Celebration by making our celebration crowns! We used paper plates to create our very own frog hats, full with a long tongue to catch a snack.


Hip Hop Horray!

Books we Read

Little Quack by Lauren Thompson

Goodnight my Duckling by Nancy Tafuri

From Frog to Tadpole by Wendy Pfeffer



Weekly Top Hits

Habitat Song (Wetland Verse)

Habitat, Habitat,

Hafta have a Habitat, (3x)

You hafta have a Habitat to carry on!

A wetland is a habitat,

A very special Habitat,

It’s where the soggy soil’s at,

It helps to filter out the trash,

And makes a home for those who splash,

A wetland is a habitat that we depend on!


Whatever floats your boat

Spoiler Alert:

Next week we are finishing up our Pond discovery and beginning to talk about Summer at Woodend!


You shall not pass!




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