Detective Post #23

News from the Outdoors:

The Nature Detectives jumped back into school after Spring Break by starting a new unit on Bugs and Insects. We wasted no time digging into the bug-action on Tuesday as we hiked to the Lookout to dig for worms and roll over logs to look at bug homes. A variety of bugs were spotted and examined by the Nature Detectives.

AM 3

Analyzing our net gains

PM 3

Discussing the lesser of two weevils.

On Wednesday on our Naturalist Hike with Ms. Alex we hiked to the pond to learn about pond bugs and insects. The Nature Detectives used nets to probe the depths of the pond and catch an intriguing array of pond buds. We placed our captured pond critters in a large tub for closer examination. We found dragonfly nymphs, waterboatmen, scuds, tadpoles and predatory diving beetles! At the end of our pond trip we returned the bugs back to their pond homes.

PM 2

AM 1

On Thursday the AM Nature Detectives braved some wet weather to take some compost up to the compost bins. Each student had a turn to tumble the compost and explore the variety of composting options here at Woodend. The PM class had more mild weather for their trip up to the compost bins. They too got to tumble some compost, and even see some of the many worms that help with the compost. They also made a quick hike to the Blair Native Plant garden and look at the flowers in bloom there.

AM 6

Nothing bugs this doctor and the Nature Detectives!

pm 7

The compost bin is unbeleafable!


News from the Classroom:

In the classroom we talked about the differences between bugs and insects. The Nature Detectives learned three clues to tell the difference between bugs and insects: 1) Insects have 6 legs, 2) Insects have three body parts: head, thorax and abdomen, 3) Insects have two antenna that help them find food and to pick up scents.

AM 4

PM 6

To bee or not to bee. 

The Nature Detectives got to explore all new bug-tastic learning centers in the classroom this week! We had chocolaty smelling cocoa mulch in the lab table with scoops and plastic bugs. They also made bug homes for the bug-friends in the block area, and enjoyed bug puppets in the dramatic play area.

AM 2

PM 4

The Nature Detectives made lots of fun art in the classroom this week as well. They used spaghetti to make worm paintings, used crayons and watercolor paints to make pond bug paintings (available for view above the cubbies!) and made spider webs with string and paper plates! They also created bugs with the play dough by using googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and plastic bug-parts.

PM 1

House worming party!

On Thursday, the Nature Detectives came into the classroom to discover that the butterfly carpet had a giant spider web on it! The kids created lots of different games to play on the web, and made spiders, bugs and insects out of the zoobs to inhabit the spider web!

AM 5


Each class had special visitors this week as well! On Wednesday the PM class met Susan a Master Naturalist who will be volunteering with the PM class on Wednesdays! The PM class had lots of fun exploring the pond and playing play dough with Susan! The AM class had a fun day with Ann-Mari on Thursday when she taught them about a caterpillar tent that Amelia discovered by the compost bins and played a fun sticker-story game with the Nature Detectives as well! The AM class also celebrated another fabulous birthday!

PM 55

Enter a caption

Books we Read:

Wiggling Worms at Work by Wendy Pfeffer

I love Bugs! by Philemon Sturges and Shari Halpern

Step Gently Out by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder

AM 7

This is a stick-up!

Spoiler Alert:

Next week we’ll learn more about bugs, insects and pollinators!


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