The Detective Post #5

News from the Outdoors

The Nature Detectives enjoyed jumping into fall this week by learning about the farm and harvesting! This week, both classes enjoyed our yearly trip to Homestead Farm. We visited the farm animals and took a tractor ride to a pumpkin patch where each child got to pick our their own pumpkin! To finish off the trip, each detective was also able to enjoy a juicy apple picked right from the farm.

AM class at Homestead

AM class at Homestead

PM class at Homestead

PM class at Homestead

We also enjoyed our weekly naturalist visit from Alex! Woodend is starting to show signs of fall, and all the classes enjoyed collecting leaves, acorns and chestnuts!

Exploring with Alex

Exploring with Alex

News from the Classroom

This week we introduced the light table into our indoor play. Children created structures with magna-tiles such as airports, towers, and even barns!

Constructing on the light table

Constructing on the light table

After going to the farm, each class got to explore the insides of a pumpkin! We scooped and separated seeds, as well as cooked them up for a taste test between salt and cinnamon flavored pumpkin seeds.

Opening our pumpkin

Opening our pumpkin

Taste testing pumpkin seeds

Taste testing pumpkin seeds

Books We Read:

Senses on the Farm by Shelly Rotner

Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett

Our Trip to Homestead Farm by the Nature Detectives 2015-2016

Weekly Top Hits

Farmer Ben (to the tune of Old MacDonald)

Follow the Rules

Happy Birthday!

Upcoming Events

Oct. 12th CLOSED for Columbus Day. (Montgomery County Schools are open that day but it is a day where Audubon closes. )

Oct. 17th Re-Use It Sale

Oct. 22nd Fall Celebration

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